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Online UPS
Double conversion pure online UPS
Data center power  Safeguard
Built in MPPT controller inverter
Low loss   |   Built MPPT controller
MPPT      Efficient     sine wave
Off grid solar power generation  Preferred brand
Built in MPPT controller inverter
(With DC output)
     This machine for our independent research and development and independent production,It is configured with fifth generation DPS chips,Toroidal transformer with very small self loss,The MPPT controller built in high efficiency,Multiple DC output ports。
     We have been working in the field of photovoltaic.....
The built-in controller of high power inverter

      192Vdc to 220Vac/110Vac series built-in MPPT controller inverter is our independent research and development of products,Including: 8KW, 10KW, 12KW, 15KW,Also acceptable non-standard machine。

      This series of products through harsh environmental testing,Achieved a high degree of evaluation of many dealers and end users。
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Psantak brand: mature technology, excellent quality, professional services, favored by China's high-end users in general. In the Internet, finance, communications, intelligent transportation, business, taxation, education, photovoltaic power generation and other industries have been widely used.
Why choose us

         We have complete product line, 500W-6000W inverter, built-in MPPT controller inverter, 10K-20K built-in MPPT controller inverter, three-phase inverter, pure online 10K-200K series UPS, battery,MPPT controller
Our advantage

      Excellent professional and technical team; independent R & D strength; 3000 square plant, ten years of product development experience and production experience
Our value

Quality and price has the largest intersection (you can rest assured that Shuxin money); with independent R & D and production capacity (product technical advantages); health enterprise and health products (sustainable development, to ensure the continued cooperation)

years experience

countries and regions

Customer evaluation

       Your company has a small power high power to complete product line, including the traditional 500W-6000W series (12V/24V/48V Series), three camera series (10KVA-200KVA), built-in MPPT controller series, series of high power inverter with MPPT controller, battery series products, to meet the full range of personalized needs of industry users, recommended the use of customers。
About  Us
::::::: The company is committed to providing the most professional power services

NO.1: Have independent research and development ability

NO.2: Has 3000 square production plant

NO.3: Engineer has 10 years of R & D experience

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